MWD Talpi N183

MWD Sicario N165

MWD Talpi N183


  MWD Talpi N183, USN, Explosive Detector Dog DOB NOV 2007 GSD

MWD Talpi was retired from CNRSW San Diego CA. I was the first to certify him in the fleet in 2009. He had two deployments to Djibouti, Africa (not with me). 

He was retired in May 2017 due to being a multi-time heat casualty affecting his ability to work for sufficient amount of time and arthritis. 

It is always an honor to be able to adopt one of my own partners from my active duty days. Talpi is a ham, always doing something silly, very social with people, and is learning to be social with the rest of the Pack. 

He loves watching TV on the couch, playing with his Wobbler, and running like a crazy guy around the yard. 

MWD Dona1 P037

MWD Sicario N165

MWD Talpi N183


  MWD Dona1 P037, USN, Explosive Detector Dog DOB AUG2007 GSD

MWD Dona1 was retired from CNRSW San Diego CA. She was part of the same Government contract that went bad as MWD Bruce P033. Unlike Bruce, she thrived in her detection work, but it did come at a cost. This girl has zero interest of giving up her toys to anyone! Although her personality to most handlers did not leave her with many friends, she was a wonderful partner to her handlers. Most of the time... 

She was medically retired to multiple issues of Degenerative Joint Disease in her shoulders, and hindquarters.

Dona is full of life and energy here at the Pack as she adjusts to life with dozens of toys she doesn't have to give back, and as she adjusts to a life with cats in the household. Her new life goals are to seek and squish them all! (We are thankful for very dog savvy cats that have been very successful at discouraging working dogs for using them as toys...) Her prior handlers are enjoying the updated photos of her first holidays and her antics!

MWD Sicario N165

MWD Sicario N165

MWD Sicario N165


  MWD Sicario N165, USN, Patrol/ Explosive Detector Dog DOB 01DEC2007 Belgian Malinois 

He served at Naval Base Kitsap Washington until he retired on 28OCT2019. 

MWD Sicario was the Military Working Dog assigned to MA2 Sean Brazas, who deployed together in 2012. MA2 Brazas was Killed In Action on 30MAY2012 in Afghanistan. MWD Sicario returned to duty, carrying on the memories and love of his handler. 

As normally tradition would allow MA2 Brazas's family to adopt Sicario, it was ultimately decided that Sicario should continue his military service with Sean's family updated regularly. Sicario did not have the temperament to sit at home and be a pet, as much as Sean's family would have loved it. Sean's mom reached out to us several years ago to see if it would be possible for us to take him in when the time came for him to finally retire. We had been in contact with MWD Sicario's kennels for several years, checking in on him to make sure he was doing OK. We finally got the call in May of 2019 saying it was time for Sicario to come home. 


MWD Sicario is known for his very selective personality and has a history of canine PTSD. He loves people food and treats, and playing with his KONGS or Wubbas 


MWD Rudy M436

MWD Rocky H353

MWD Rocky H353


  MWD Rudy M436, USAF, Patrol/ Explosive Detector Dog DOB 24MAR2007 GSD

He served at JBMDL until his retirement on 19FEB2019

MWD Rudy unfortunately came to us with some behavioral and medical issues that limited his ability to find a suitable home. He has issues with his thyroid, Gallbladder issues and Grade III heart murmur. 

Since coming to us in February, MWD Rudy has been to the California Veterinary Specialist several times to make sure we have his medical conditions well in hand. Thanks to amazing care and follow ups from his Army Veterinary Dr at JBMDL, we have made a great transition to retired life for MWD Rudy, and he has been received outstanding reviews from his Cardiologist and his Internal Medicine doctors. Unfortunately, in December of 2019, a large mass suddenly appeared on a hind leg, and the diagnosis was a very aggressive Soft Tissue Sarcoma. After his CT scan, and speaking with several Veterinarians, specialists, his last active duty Veterinarian, and his last handler, we made the difficult decision to have the leg amputated in January. 

We are very thankful that Rudy has adjusted brilliantly to being a tri-pod! He is now running on his own, playing with other dogs in the household, and showing no signs of slowing down. 

Rudy has moved into retired life like a super star, always excited to go play ball or go for a car ride, and is extremely photogenic! He enjoys long naps on his favorite super puffy bed and bouncing around the yard. His very renowned bad attitude at the vet clinic for his check ups have now turned into cookie times and he has been complimented by the staff he has worked with.

MWD Rocky H353

MWD Rocky H353

MWD Rocky H353


MWD Rocky H353, USAF, Patrol/Explosive Detector Dog DOB 01SEP2003  Belgian Malinois

MWD Rocky came to us as a foster from Mission K9 Rescue in SEP 2016. He retired from Dyess AFB in APR 2014. He had multiple deployments while on active duty. 

Rocky was very much loved by his last handler and his family who Rocky retired with originally, but Rocky had a hard time adjusting to children in the household. A friend of the family had then taken Rocky in initially, but after some time, Rocky's last handler took him back in an emergency. We got the call around 5 in the morning asking if we could drive to Arizona and pick him up. Rocky came to us with some medical issues that needed worked up, and after staying with us a few months and due to his age, we decided to be his forever foster! 

He was best friends with MWD Kira and MWD Zorro, and now that they have passes, Rocky has recently made new friends with several of the house dogs, including MWD Talpi N183.  He enjoys stealing toys from his roommates, and playing with all the toys he can find. Occasionally you will still find him running along the dog yards harassing the other dogs.

Rocky has made a complete recovery from an anal mass removal when he was 14, and from a small mass they found near his heart that seems to have disappeared.

Turning 16 last September, and he is one of the oldest retired Military Working Dogs! They say the ornery ones live forever...

We still send his handler's family updates regularly, and we get them to visit with him when ever possible.


MWD Beano P310



MWD Beano P310, USMC, Patrol/ Explosive Detector Dog DOB APR 2008 Belgian Malinois

MWD Beano came to us from MCAS Yuma Arizona in SEP 2017. He had run out of time, and no compatible home had been found for him after reaching out to his past handlers. Mission K9 Rescue reached out to us to go pick him up and foster him for a few weeks until he could catch a ride to their ranch. He did not do well with children, had to be very careful at eye level, and for some, could not make direct eye contact, so adopting him out to the general public was going to be very difficult. Him and I made friends sharing some Chick-Fil-a nuggets with his Army technicians who were his biggest advocates!

Well, my husband fell in love with this big bouncing boy as soon as I brought him home. I started getting random selfies of Beano and the husband laying on the ground or playing.  We decided that he would be a great fit into our crazy home, so here he stayed!

He loves running around the yard, playing fetch and tearing apart his beds and water buckets. Beano is also a favorite at the local feed store when his dad has to go pick up hay. We have taken him to Agape Ranch Dog Sports to give dock diving a try, but so far, he much prefers to lay on the ramp in the pool and do nothing. 


MK9 Egon-A

MK9 Egon-A

MK9 Egon-A



MK9 Egon- A, Mexico City, Mexico, Law Enforcement Drug Detector Dog DOB 01JAN2009 Belgian Malinois

Egon came to us in February of 2018 from Mission K9 Rescue as a Medical foster. Fresh from Mexico, he came with some unexpected medical issues, and his kennel aggression issues were going to give someone a run for their money. We had a kennel available and we took him in to get him started on his way to a forever home. 

Egon ended up in the hospital within a couple of days for an emergency neuter for a massively enlarged prostate and the inability to urinate. It was a chronic issue that would leave him with a life long medical condition. At the time of the emergency neuter, there was a mass found in his airway. After a successful neuter, 2 months later Mission K9 had him back in to remove the mass (found to be scar tissue) that was causing him to vomit regularly and led us to give him the nickname of Darth Vader with his rough breathing. It also had been contributing to his inability to gain weight. 

After having Egon here for post op recovery for 6 months, we decided that we could find a way to keep Egon here permanently. With his on going medical care, and his unique temperament, finding a suitable home was going to be difficult. 

Egon now enjoys digging holes in the yard to nap in, chewing on his Kong Bones, and getting dry cat food as cookies. He also feels that destroying dog beds is a fantastic hobby. 

MK9 Bert

MK9 Egon-A

MK9 Egon-A


MK9 Bert, Law Enforcement Dual Purpose Dog. DOB NOV2010 Belgian Malinois

Bert has come to us as a temporary foster from a police department in February for Mission K9 Rescue. His handler was unable to adopt him because of being issued another partner already and having another large breed dog at home on a small property. Because of Bert's great personality that we have seen so far, he is expected to find a wonderful home once he has had some time to decompress and get to know what kind of quirks he may have. 

Military working dogs and a lot of Law enforcement dogs usually don't get the chance to experience life in a regular household throughout their careers. Although they are very well cared for, kept in very safe conditions, things like cats, furniture and proper bathroom breaks can be a learning curve for some dogs. Each one is an individual.

So far, Bert has been friendly and has enjoyed his freedom running around on the couple acres play yard. Although he seems to have a little arthritis, fetch is tons of fun to him in moderation.

If you are in the market to bring a retired Hero dog into your family, and wonder if Bert may be what you are looking for, please reach out to Mission K9 Rescue. (www.missionk9rescue.org) . He will be heading to their Ranch to to be adopted out in the near future!